Anıtlar: giriş alanı

Giriş Alanının Kuzey Duvarı

    Returning to the open area inside the entrance buildings, there is a high wall to the north with three large openings to oblong rooms behind the front. The left edge of a fourth opening can be seen to the right. These rooms are not excavated, but they may have been storerooms. Above the wall, and behind it, is a large open area, bordered to the east by a long columnar hall (the East Stoa, no. 12), which is best reached from the next terrace. To the left, a 12-meter-wide processional staircase leads up from the Propylon Area towards the Andron B and C terraces.

Propylon Alanının kuzey duvarının (no. 6) güneyden görünüşü.

Giriş (ya da Propylon) Alanından yukarı çıkan anıtsal basamaklar.